Even Flooring Is Engineered Now A Days

Fellows! We are in an era where everything has plenty of options available in the market, one can select from thousands of options, these days’ decisions are difficult because there are so many options available and it is pretty hard for the consumer to make the selection. Everything from home decoration to cars, from house renovation to gardening have been impacted by the introduction of technological advancements.

There was a time when floors were considered only as something on which we all walk, drive, sow seeds and living our lives; but now in this amazing era floors and ceiling are used for decoration too. Historically people were not used to any special thing on the floor, usually mosaic, concrete or plane marbles were found then things changed and engineered stuff entered in the market. Talking about engineered flooring brings us to the discussion of solid hardwood flooring and engineered timber flooring. Wooden flooring is something desirable these days and people are after this new and creative idea of floor maintenance. No comes the term engineered wooden flooring (most of us must be thinking about this engineered flooring thing) fellows!

As the name suggests engineered is something which must be altered customized and made for something special, we all are aware that previously it was not possible to install timber laminate flooring in Perth on a washroom floor right! But with the help of engineered flooring, we can install this anywhere we want easily. Imagine a carpet of thin woods which can be decorated on the floor in an hour (no need of any hassle or something which requires manpower or something). In order to understand the concept of engineered wood flooring it’s a thinnest form of normal wood plank on the plywood approx… 2/8 to 0.5 is the thickness, in addition to this the constrain is; engineered wood flooring cannot be made with any type of wood (it requires some specific types of wood, which can be altered and can be made wood flooring), in addition to this it is easier to use in kitchen (rather it is something recommended for the kitchen area).

On the contrary, hardwood flooring which is considered as the normal wood flooring is made after cutting a single piece of wood approx… 2/4 inch thickness, this is something which can be made with any type of wood (yes certainly there are some types of wood which are recommended and desirable for hardwood flooring). In short this wooden carpet is used to make the normal floor look good, all in all these days wood flooring is something extremely desirable by all. Fellows! The moment one feels the need of decoration on the floor try it in wood you won’t regret.