Month: March 2020

All About The Cost For The Renovation Of Houses And Commercial Areas

Published / by Erardo Florez

Renovation cost 

Renovation is an opportunity to improve your work and housing area with projects and designs that will increase the worth of your assets. Renovation is a cheaper and safer process that will enhance the value of your property at a reasonable cost. The Canberra renovation costs is twenty percent of the total amount required to build a new house on plain land. 

Estimation of the renovation cost 

The basic rule for estimation of the renovation cost is that the budget should not exceed five or ten percent of the selling price of your property because the goal is to improve the appearance of your commercial or residential area and make it looks more desirable. The renovation should be cost-effective, so it does not leave the owner in debt. On average, the renovation cost of a complete house is $40000-60000. The residential remodelling cost is $100-300 per square foot while for commercial remodelling the cost is $50-150 per square foot so the average cost for office renovation is $36000. 

Remodelling cost calculation 

Remodelling cost calculation of a complete house includes a comprehensive list which is as follows: 

  • Cost for the installation of roofs and repair of roofs. 
  • Cost for replacement of various types of siding e.g. vinyl, wood and aluminium. 
  • Cost for the repair of the exterior of the house. This includes the cost of paintings for the house, cost for replacement of windows, the cost for installation of outdoor spaces, the cost for fixation of wooden fence and cost for reconstruction of the garage, etc. 
  • Cost for the fitting of ventilation and air conditioner. 
  •  Refurbishment cost of the plumbing system. 
  • Cost for the removal of worn-out water heaters and their replacement with the new water heating system. 
  • Cost for the repair of electrical work. 
  • Cost of labour for every task. 

In the renovation of commercial places and offices, all the above costs are included. In addition to this the cost of repair or installation of the fire suppression system, cost for mills repair, the cost for carpentry, insurance, and overhead charges are counted in. 

Professionals for cost estimation 

As renovation is not the task of a layperson so is the determination of cost for renovation. We need to seek the help of a person who specialized in this field. Certain renovating companies are doing this job with accuracy because they have well-trained staff to accomplish this task.  


The purpose is to remodel the client’s property in the best way using the high quality of material under the supervision of skilled staff in the minimum budget. Almost all the remodelling companies can give you a high quality of service but only a few of them can optimize the cost. One of them is Elite bathrooms, they provide excellent service in the provided budget. Their specialty is that they focus on fulfilling the needs of a single client at a time.